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October 2024

Celebrate Black History Month with your colleagues during one or more inspiring and insightful expert sessions.


We make live, online & interactive Black History Month expert sessions for your whole company easy and affordable.

Inspire, educate, and engage your colleagues during Black History Month

Unlock a world of storytelling, new insights, and inspiration for all your colleagues through up to 8 compelling sessions with global experts throughout the month of October. We have curated live experiences with excellent expert speakers to celebrate Black History Month within your organisation. Our team will produce all sessions providing a high-quality learning experience.


How it works

A branded experience

Your colleagues can take part in all sessions via your branded company landing page.  Featuring a message from your CEO/CHRO/ERG spokesperson, and content about your DEI initiatives you want to share.

Privacy / GDPR

All sessions are interactive. Chat and other interaction will be anonymous and GDPR-proof and will take place through MentiMeter.


Our learning sessions are accessible to unlimited participants from any device, anywhere in the world.

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(Unlimited participants)

All Employee Access
- First session

All Employee Access
- Additional session

All Employee Access
All 8 Sessions

Time zone coverage for EMEA, APAC & The Americas

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Live subtitles offered in at least 8 Languages

White label service and CEO/CHRO video intros

Unlimited access for all employees

Fully hosted and moderated for quality assurance

Package for 3-month access to the session recordings (June/July/August 2024)

Livestream option on your company’s landing page

Total Fee




Sessions will be broadcast in different time zones

Our International Women's Day Event According to the Attendees

“Lots of very useful and insightful information, very good group of speakers with impressive background and experience.”

“I learned a lot, all the information and tips & tricks were overwhelming. Great speakers, letting you feel that you matter as a person, beyond every gender, religion, etc. Very positive atmosphere.”

“I was very impressed by the breadth and depth of the information. I would have liked to listen to even more speakers.”

“Where to start? So many tips, this was so extremely powerful! I very much liked this format with interactive sessions.”

“Fantastic sessions, they reinforced some areas I was perhaps subconsciously aware of, has given me some points to bear in mind for how I, as a manager, can improve and take a different approach in the way I work and interact with people”

20k+ Participants from all over the World (400 per company on average)

Participants rated our speakers 4.6 / 5

Participants rated our sessions 4.6 / 5

About Leqture

Leqture is a leading producer of Live, Online & Interactive Expert Sessions for companies. We specialize in live, online interactive expert sessions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Every year,  we produce and present over 800 sessions for employees at over 100 global companies.

We believe in the power of curiosity and structural and continuous learning to grow and develop ourselves. We thrive on connecting experts from all over the world to people all over the world to inspire them with new insights, perspectives, and knowledge. 

A selection of our clients

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