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Live, Online & Interactive
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Learning Sessions

For your colleagues and leaders

We produce and moderate interactive learning sessions for your colleagues in Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or Webex.

Over 100 companies outsource their EDI sessions to Leqture. All our sessions are white-label.

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Inspire, educate, and engage  your colleagues.

Our objective is to provide your colleagues with cutting-edge insights, engaging interactions, fresh perspectives, and practical tips to effectively apply their acquired knowledge. All in 60 minutes.

Leading Experts

Since 2019, Leqture has dedicated immense effort to conducting over 1000 auditions with facilitators and speakers from across the globe. We go to great lengths to scrutinize their knowledge, facilitation skills, storytelling abilities, and delivery speed in order to handpick the best experts for our sessions.

One Stop Shop

We match your colleagues with the right experts, design your invite, produce and moderate the session, manage the feedback survey, and send you the survey results and recording within 48 hours.

White Label

Everything is done by our team but your company brand takes the spotlight. Every session includes the option for an introduction video of your CEO, CHRO or EDI ambassador. 

Access to feedback survey results

Access thousands of survey results from sessions we've done for hundreds of our  clients to confidently choose the most suitable sessions for your colleagues.


Live Subtitles 

Available in up to 30 languages.
Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Chinese...



Delivered within 24 hours to enable colleagues who couldn't attend to watch the session later.

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Live Interaction

Enabled with the expert through chat, breakout rooms, Mentimeter.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Speakers & Sessions

At Leqture, every expert session costs the same. 

We offer packages of 4, 6, or 10 sessions that are valid for 12 months. Unlimited participants.

4 sessions per year

per session

6 sessions per year

per session

10 sessions per year

per session

Online production

Fully hosted and moderated for quality assurance

Branded broadcast featuring company ambassador intros

Shared feedback survey & reporting

Session recordings

Live subtitles 

Branded Invite 

Trial Session: £2.450,-

About Leqture

Leqture is a leading producer of Live, Online, Interactive Expert Sessions for global companies. We specialize in interactive learning sessions related to equity, diversity and inclusion. Every year, we produce and present over 800 sessions for employees at over 100 global companies.

We believe in the power of curiosity and structural and continuous learning to grow and develop ourselves. We thrive on connecting experts from all over the world to top talent and leaders all over the world to inspire them with new insights, perspectives and knowledge. 

Current clients

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Schedule a demo 

Book a time slot to chat with Kathelijn about how Leqture can help you engage, educate and inspire your top talent and leaders.


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