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Leqture Expert Speakers

Expectations from a Leqture Expert Speaker

Audition and Session Requirements

Example of our way of broadcasting

Performance and Science:
Both elements are key to a successful session!


  • You speak with the right speed, level of energy and tone of voice to keep your audience engaged

  • You are fully prepared and know your content, and can still perform with spontaneity

  • You look into the camera and connect with your audience

  • You bring your own personality and uniqueness


  • You are the expert on your topic / you own the topic

  • You bring the right level of depth

  • You support your story with relevant  and up to date scientific data

  • Applicable to professionals who drive organizational success.

  • Suitable for multiple experience levels.

How to record your Audition

Easy-to-use tools for recording your audition are PowerPoint and Keynote.

You can find instructions on how to record in PowerPoint here. When you’re done, select Export > Export Video. 

This recording will only be used by us for internal review and will not be further shared.



  • Your remote (live, online) session lasts 60 min in total - 45 min + 15 min of Q&A - the audition recording only needs to be 45 minutes

  • You warm up the audience for what is coming:

    • Introduce yourself: who are you and why you are the expert on this topic

    • Share the agenda and takeaways

    • Start with a question or engaging story to captivate the audience

  • Slides support your story, include keywords (not too much text) and engaging visuals, such as infographics, charts, pictures & video's.

  • You have included at least 3 moments of interaction with the audience (using e.g. Mentimeter or chat)



  • You create a studio setting

    • You have access to a stable, preferably wired, internet connection

    • You stand during the presentation

    • Your camera is at eye level

    • Your background is neutral and lighting comes from the front

    • You make sure you will not be distracted (noise, roommates, doorbell)

  • You are dressed properly, looking professional

If you have any questions before sending over your audition, please let us know!


Thank you! Team Leqture will be in touch as soon as possible

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